Product Care

Please wear your jewellery carefully. Delicate pieces can be caught on clothing, bed sheets or handbag straps for example without being noticed.

Your jewellery should be put on last when dressing and taken off first.

All metals are likely to tarnish over time, however this will happen much faster is they have contact with items such as perfume, salty hair, skin creams, chlorine and acidic skin ph. The amount of tarnishing (oxidisation) that occurs depends on your skin and jewellery care habits.

This is not covered by warranty.

We therefore advise you should remove jewellery before swimming, showering, exercising, domestic duties, exposure to extreme heat or household chemicals.

Using warm water, mild, non-abrasive soap is recommended for washing your jewellery. Rinse well & carefully & pat dry with a soft cloth.


Enigma also sell a range of chemical jewellery cleaners which are highly recommended. Please inquire with our staff about which products suit your needs best.


Take care to avoid impact of your jewellery with surfaces, especially hard surfaces. Even a diamond, the world’s hardest material, can be damaged under certain circumstances. Gemstones and diamonds can scratch other stones, and wear against precious metal.

Some gemstones are very delicate (soft) and will require more care than others.

You should store your jewellery in a protective case or pouch or anti-tarnish packaging.


Please be especially aware of fine rings and settings. These can easily be bent, broken, lose stones or be damaged. Like all of your jewellery, wear these beautiful pieces with love and care.


Please note:  any repairs or modifications made to your jewellery items which were crafted by ENIGMA or purchased from our store will void any warranty.


Jewellery Insurance

We are partnered with reputable, Industry specific insurance provider Q-report.

Q-report Jewellery Insurance cover Loss, Theft and Damage worldwide.